Merkel Cell Carcinoma Clinic Overview

Hundreds of people have found the help they need at the Merkel Cell Carcinoma Clinic. The experts of this clinic are experienced in treating all forms of this condition, even the most rare and complex. By identifying the exact type of condition you have, they are able to help you choose the best possible treatment for your situation.

A team focused on you

A multispecialty team of doctors works together on your care. This is very important for people with Merkel cell carcinoma, as each person's experience of the disease and treatment can be highly variable depending on the specifics of the tumor. This coordinated approach helps make sure you'll be treated by the doctors most expert in the care of your particular tumor. Together, this team provides you with the safe, high-quality care you need.

Research that improves care

The Merkel cell carcinoma doctors at Mayo Clinic are respected worldwide for their expertise in the diagnosis and management of this condition. They have researched and published extensively on the topic in peer-reviewed medical literature.

Sept. 22, 2023