Pathology Accessioning

Pathology Accessioning processes approximately 20,000 specimens a month. A wide variety of specimens are accessioned each day. Specimens received include material from outside institutions and Mayo Clinic patients as well as material for research studies. Specimens received from outside institutions account for 60 percent of the laboratory accessioning volume.

Technicians in Pathology Accessioning are responsible for the upfront handling of incoming specimens. They are crucial to eliminating errors by ensuring the correct material and patient information is received along with verifying that the correct tests are ordered and performed. The technicians often have to contact the performing floor or outside institution to accomplish this.

Pathology Accessioning is also responsible for sending slides that are cut and stained in the Histology Laboratory to the appropriate pathologist or research investigator.

Pathology Accessioning works closely with pathologists, secretaries and several laboratories including Cytology, Histology, Immunostains, Renal and Hematology.

  1. Joaquin J. Garcia, M.D., medical director
  2. Amy Jo Lechner, M.H.A., supervisor