In an era when pathology training programs seem to struggle in achieving adequate numbers of autopsies, the autopsy service at Mayo Clinic has maintained one of the highest autopsy rates in the country, performing annually in excess of 500 cases.

Mayo Clinic offers superb autopsy pathology training in a tradition that may be credited in large part to the work of Jurgen Ludwig, M.D., whose book "Current Methods of Autopsy Practice" remains one of the preeminent works in the field.

At Mayo the autopsy is used as an investigative tool, discerning the causes and natural history of diseases, and is integral to patient care through education of our clinical colleagues and quality control. The tremendous variety of cases provides an especially rich learning experience.

  1. Joseph J. Maleszewski, M.D., medical director, Hospital Autopsy Services
  2. R.Ross Reichard, M.D., medical director, Forensic Autopsy Services
  3. Melanie Yrjo, supervisor