Bariatric Center in Florida — Learn more about bariatric treatment at Mayo Clinic.

If you are struggling with obesity, the Bariatric Center at Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida can help you take control of your weight. The center's goal is to help you improve your overall health and, ultimately, your quality of life.

Obesity is a chronic disease that can contribute to dozens of health problems, from diabetes mellitus and heart disease to depression and cancer. While it is challenging to lose weight and keep it off, it IS possible.

The Bariatric Center has special expertise in helping those with a BMI greater than 35, as well as in surgical and endoscopic procedures to repair previously unsuccessful weight-loss surgery.

The team of weight management professionals from the Bariatric Center at Mayo Clinic will help you:

  • Develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs
  • Set realistic and achievable weight-loss goals
  • Learn the skills necessary to maintain weight loss over the long term

Mayo's compassionate team of weight management specialists includes:

  • Specialist in obesity medicine (bariatrician)
  • Registered dietitians
  • Clinical health psychologist
  • Registered nurse
  • Surgeons
  • Gastroenterologists

Specialists in heart and lung problems, nutrition and diabetes, sleep disorders, and other areas are available to consult, as needed.