Gaming and Esports Medicine Overview

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Mayo Clinic's nationally ranked Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) — and its team of experts within Gaming and Esports Medicine (GEM) — are focused on providing offerings tailored to the individual patient needs with a focus on key areas of prevention, research and education. We have the medical expertise to provide a world-class medical director who can recommend strategies for optimal esports player performance and injury rehabilitation and protection.

Mayo Clinic views this opportunity as a transformational step in protecting and promoting the health of the esports players and establishing best practices for the esports industry. Mayo Clinic strives to create impactful health initiatives that drive positive change to players and the esports industry, all while supporting players with the expertise of Mayo Clinic's renowned clinical practice. GEM is a dynamic subspecialty centered on bold, cutting-edge research, housed within a department with a strong track record of scientific breakthroughs. GEM will drive the next generation of life-changing treatments, technologies and services.

Mayo Clinic strives to play an integrated role in providing comprehensive care focused on the treatment and prevention of esports related injuries. With the implementation of strategic research studies, our experts may leverage findings to optimize performance and provide educational opportunities to share key insights and innovative strategies.

Esports services for your needs today

  • Performance optimization
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Injury treatment and rehabilitation

Players' health is our top priority. Mayo Clinic's unique skill set in this area allows us to provide an innovative clinical approach to esports injury prevention. A pre-visit questionnaire will allow us to address individual needs and optimize care within our multidisciplinary team.

Evaluations can be done by our GEM specialists in PM&R, and may include additional evaluations and treatments from team members in Physical and Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling, Audiology and Cardiovascular Medicine.

Remote diagnostics and virtual care

Mayo Clinic is a recognized world leader in the development of innovative approaches to the science and delivery of medical care. To facilitate these endeavors, Mayo Clinic is utilizing a variety of technologies to change and improve the approach to patient care.

Virtual care can include consultations and follow-ups remotely using video enabled technology. Other opportunities can include remote analysis of vital signs, posture and gaming setup during gameplay, and sleep quality.

Player and industry education

Mayo Clinic has been a trusted provider of medical education for more than 150 years, offering training and resources to physicians, health care providers and patients around the world. Mayo Clinic's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation education reaches thousands of learners annually through live and on-demand courses.

Your GEM team can educate and counsel you on key areas affected player health, proper posture and equipment use. Examples we can address include neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, posture, optimal nutrition and burnout.

Performance research

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practice at Mayo Clinic is comprehensive, multidisciplinary and integral to all types of patient care. We're researching new tools, technologies and treatments and translating them to patient care — quickly. Utilizing current player data and a potential player database, Mayo Clinic may conduct research studies to help improve player health and advance the field of gaming and esports medicine.

Our Esports Medicine team

Jane Konidis, M.D., P.T., FAAPMR

  • Director of Gaming and Esports Medicine
  • Senior Associate Consultant and Instructor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

David (Davey) W. Honda, P.T, D.P.T., OCS

  • Mayo Clinic Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physical therapist

Mark A. Jensen, P.T., OCS

  • Mayo Clinic Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physical therapist

Katie Traver, P.T., D.P.T., A.T.C.
Darcy Erickson, O.T.
Tastan Kulmeshkenov, O.T.
Jason Rathbun, P.T., D.P.T.


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