Arizona Primary Care consultation

Mayo Clinic Family Medicine in Arizona offers primary care services for people of all ages. We have facilities in Arrowhead (Glendale), Phoenix, San Tan (Chandler) and Thunderbird (Scottsdale). Some minor illnesses can now even be diagnosed and treated during virtual visits.

People turn to the Family Medicine teams in Arizona for all aspects of family-oriented care, including family planning, child rearing, aging, end-of-life issues, counseling and education, nutrition, and preventive care. Pediatric and newborn care is delivered at both family medicine locations.

You'll likely have one primary doctor, who provides the majority of your care. Your family doctor coordinates all your health care needs and refers you to other Mayo Clinic medical and surgical specialists as needed. If you wish to be seen sooner than your doctor is available, you may schedule an appointment with another doctor. You'll also have access to comprehensive laboratory testing and imaging (radiology) procedures on-site at Mayo facilities.