Newborn Intensive Care Unit Follow-up Clinic

NICU follow-up clinic

Prematurely born infants are at increased risk of neurodevelopmental disabilities — disorders in brain functioning that can affect a child's learning ability, memory or behavior. Other complications that occur in the newborn period also can increase risk. Problems may include:

  • Bleeding in the brain (germinal matrix hemorrhage), which can lead to the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and intracranial pressure that causes the baby's head to enlarge (posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus)
  • Loss of white matter of the brain (hypomyelination or periventricular leukomalacia)
  • A potentially life-threatening complication of an infection (meningitis or sepsis)
  • Seizures
  • Hearing loss
  • Nutritional disorders
  • Other serious health conditions, such as chronic lung disease or upper airway dysfunction

Early recognition of such problems is critical in order to provide timely intervention and improve the quality of life of these high-risk babies. A multidisciplinary approach to care and treatment provided by a team of experts is essential for the best outcomes.

Team approach, tailored to your child's needs

Mayo's Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Follow-up Clinic includes experts in neonatology, child neurology, advanced nurse practice, nutrition, social services, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Depending on your child's needs, additional specialists — in neuropsychology, neurosurgery, medical genetics, audiology and other areas — may be involved in developing a unified and personalized plan of care.

The first visit to Mayo's NICU Follow-up Clinic is generally within three months of the baby's discharge from the NICU at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus. Follow-up visits are typically at intervals of six to nine months, through 36 months of age.

Our periodic face-to-face visits with your family and interactions among team members address the complex needs of your baby and provide early intervention when necessary. Using the Mayo Clinic electronic medical record system, we seamlessly integrate your child's inpatient and outpatient records.

We ensure continuity of care from the clinical course as a newborn in the NICU through infancy and into early childhood.


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