Tests and procedures

Mayo Clinic breast and melanoma surgeons have expertise in all aspects of surgical care in their specialized clinical practice.

Innovative services and special programs

  • Breast Clinic: The Breast Clinic offers diagnostic and treatment services for people who have breast changes or problems ranging from benign breast conditions to breast cancer. The Breast Clinic helps to coordinate treatment plans and then refers patients to the breast surgeons to ensure timely and comprehensive management.
  • Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic: Patients with more aggressive or advanced breast cancer are seen in the Breast Clinic and then referred to the Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic, where they meet with the breast surgical oncologist, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist on the same day to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Mayo Clinic breast and melanoma surgeons work closely with other specialists to diagnose and provide timely surgical intervention for complex conditions.

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July 29, 2022