Anesthesiologists at each Mayo Clinic location offer outstanding anesthetic care for Mayo Clinic patients. Anesthesiologists care for more than 100,000 patients each year. More than 140 staff doctors practice at the three Mayo Clinic locations (22 anesthesiologists in Jacksonville, Fla., 106 in Rochester, Minn., and 22 in Arizona). They are assisted by numerous residents, nurse anesthetists and respiratory therapists. Among the specialized services provided by the Anesthesiology Department are:

  • Administration of anesthesia in all subspecialties
  • Preoperative medical evaluations
  • Perioperative pain management
  • Intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography
  • Critical care
  • Management of acute and chronic pain
  • Diagnosis of acute and chronic pain syndromes
  • Injections and nerve blocks
  • Spinal-cord stimulation
  • Spinal-infusion systems
  • Obstetrical analgesia and anesthesia

Pain Clinic

Experts at all three Mayo Clinic locations provide services for the management of acute and chronic pain through special Pain Clinics. These services are designed to restore function and increase the quality of life for patients who experience pain syndromes.


See department pages at each Mayo location. Includes lists of doctors.




Anesthesia Services