Deborah L. Renaud, M.D.

  • Neurologic manifestations of inherited metabolic disorders in children
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Adult-onset neurometabolic disease
  1. 2000
    Fellow - Clinical and Research Fellow, Genetic Metabolic Disorders and Pediatric NeurologyHospital for Sick Children, Toronto
  2. 1999
    Clinical Research Fellowship - Supervisor: Dr. Ingrid Tein, Division of NeurologyNeurometabolics Laboratory, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
  3. 1997
    Resident - Pediatric NeurologyChildren's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, University of Ottawa
  4. 1996
    Resident - PediatricsChildren's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, University of Ottawa
  5. 1993
    Internship - Chief InternDoctors Hospital, University of Toronto
  6. 1992
    MDUniversity of Western Ontario
  7. 1988
    Undergraduate Studies - Honors Biology. Faculty of ScienceUniversity of Western Ontario


Research Activities

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