Gregory D. Cascino, M.D.

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I'm Greg Cascino, I'm the Whitney MacMillan Junior Professor of Neuroscience at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. The goal of therapy is always centered around the individual patient. What can we do to improve his or her quality of life. I always emphasize what our goals are, no seizures, no side effects, no lifestyle limitations. And by working as a team together with my colleagues, I will present to the patient and their family different options that may be available for that individual. And then we see the spectrum of their successes. Off medication, completing their education, operating a motor vehicle, profession, perhaps becoming married and having children. And then send us a reminder on their anniversary of their care, that this is what they were able to accomplish because of the care they received at Mayo Clinic.

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  1. Epilepsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Treatment of epilepsy
  1. 1986
    Fellow - Clinical Fellow in NeurologyMassachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University
  2. 1985
    Resident - NeurologyHarvard Medical School
  3. 1982
    Resident - Intern, Jr. Asst. Resident and Sr. Asst ResidentDuke University Medical Center, Duke University
  4. 1979
    MDRush Medical College


  1. 2013
    EpilepsyAmerican Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  2. 1986
    NeurologyAmerican Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  3. 1982
    Internal MedicineAmerican Board of Internal Medicine


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