Mayo Clinic Office of Patient Experience

After patients and their loved ones experience Mayo Clinic, they often wish to share their compliments, concerns or suggestions for improvement on the care they've received.

Your caregivers and Mayo Clinic value and welcome your feedback. It's a vital element to continuously improving quality of care, patient safety and overall service to you and future patients.

The Office of Patient Experience is here to address concerns about your care experience here at Mayo Clinic via phone, email, or letter. Please note Patient Experience staff are not equipped or authorized to answer medical questions or provide follow-up care.

If you would like to share a concern with a Patient Experience staff person, please complete the online feedback form and someone will contact you within seven business days via a telephone call or in writing. Alternatively, you may call the phone number listed below to speak to a Patient Experience specialist by phone.

Send a Note of Gratitude to Mayo Clinic staff

Dr. Gertrude Booker Granger, 1918

You are invited to express appreciation to Mayo Clinic staff by sending a Granger Gram. This communication is named in honor of Dr. Gertrude Booker Granger, the first woman physician who joined the Mayo medical practice. During the influenza pandemic of 1918, she served as deputy health officer for the city of Rochester and advocated for social distancing and other practices to ensure public safety. Learn more about Dr. Booker Granger in this article: "'Wear a Mask and Be Safe': Mayo Clinic and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic."

Send a Granger Gram to Mayo Clinic staff using this online form.

Contact Information:

Mayo Clinic Office of Patient Experience

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