Construction contractor information

Contractor qualification

Construction associated with Mayo Clinic Facilities can be very complicated and tied to an environment of healing and infection control measures. Prior to any longer term relationship and in routinely assessing our contractors, the Mayo Clinic Construction Contractor Qualification Questionnaire (PDF) must be submitted and accepted. Submission should be to the primary geographic facilities hub, but Mayo Clinic will share any submission for contractors working in multiple geographic locations.

Personnel guidelines and work rules

Mayo Clinic's working relationship with construction contractors is a very serious matter. We employ the best of trades personnel and expect them to know their profession. Mayo Clinic also recognizes the need to share expectations with regard to numerous owner requirements. These owner expectations are outlined in "Construction Contractor Personnel Guidelines and Work Rules" per specific geographic hub. Contractor employees are required to read and observe these expectations in order to work on Mayo Clinic projects. These work rules are available in the following documents: