There's a web-based application that allows referring providers to collaborate with Mayo Clinic. Welcome to CareLink. With CareLink, you can submit referrals at anytime, you can also submit records and images. In addition, you can see the progress of your referral, view the patient's upcoming itinerary, and look at notes or records from the Mayo Clinic team. Signing up takes just a few minutes. Click on "Create your account". Simply request an account for your organization, and then for each user. Requests will be processed in about seven business days. Once approved, you will be notified via email.

This is the Mayo Clinic CareLink homepage. There are tabs across the top, as well as additional links on the page. Let's take a quick look at some key features. Click on "Upcoming appointments" to view your patient's future visits to Mayo Clinic. Click on "Requests" to monitor the progress of a record request you have already submitted. Click on "Reporting" to see a status report of your current referrals. Click on "Unread messages" to read messages that need attention. Click on "Quick Links" to see articles and other information. Of note, the training and support link offers guides, support, and contact information. Remember, you can always click on the question mark to get information specific to the page you are viewing.

Next, we go into a little more depth on some key areas of the site. We'll start with patient list. Here you will find your list of active Mayo Clinic CareLink patients. These patients will remain on your active list for 120 days after you have taken action on them. The patient's name is clickable, allowing you to take additional action such as viewing their records or submitting a referral. When ordering a referral, you will be able to share information including the reason for the referral, scheduling instructions, upload records or images, and general comments for the Mayo Clinic provider. Your order screen will vary based on the type of request. Here's an example of an ancillary service order page.

If there is a campus authorization form on file at Mayo Clinic, you will be able to review the patient's chart to see notes, labs, visit summaries and more. Simply click on a tab or link and you'll be able to see the additional information.

This is an example of a patient's snapshot. On it, you quickly see key pieces of medical information.

If you have any specific questions on how to use CareLink, please contact your physician liaison or relationship team member. If you have any technical or support questions, please contact the CareLink support team at the phone number or email address on the screen. Mayo Clinic CareLink is an easy way to collaborate so you and your team can better care for your patients.

March 21, 2023