Why choose Mayo Clinic for thyroid treatment

Benzon M. Dy, M.D., Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery: The thyroid conditions that we treat in endocrine and metabolic surgery at Mayo Clinic include: thyroid cancer; enlargement of the thyroid, such as thyroid goiters; conditions in which you produce too much hormone from your thyroid, including Graves disease and toxic nodules. We also treat genetic conditions, including multiple endocrine neoplasia.

Trenton R. Foster, M.D., Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery: The multidisciplinary team really revolves around the idea that an endocrinologist, as well as an endocrine surgeon, will evaluate a patient together.

Melanie L. Lyden, M.D., Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery: When a patient is coming from out of town, we work to consolidate their care so that their appointments are streamlined. We arrange to get the ultrasound, the blood tests, the biopsy, a visit with the surgeon, and then surgery all during one visit.

Dr. Foster: Frozen section pathology is something that we have available to us for all of our procedures here at Mayo Clinic. So we can take a biopsy of something that we find at the time of surgery and have it evaluated, while a patient is still asleep even, to determine whether this is something of concern or something not.

Dr. Lyden: The one thing that I find that makes a huge difference for patients and their outcome is our radiologists and the ultrasound. To be able to do the lymph node mapping, so as a surgeon I know where the disease is, and we're not leaving cancer behind.

Dr. Dy: We offer you a variety of treatments. We have radiofrequency ablation. We also offer radioactive iodine in cases of Graves disease. We were one of the first centers to offer ethanol ablation.

Dr. Foster: And everything that is out there is available here at Mayo Clinic. We have all of the latest imaging techniques. We have the latest treatment options available. And we have true experts in their field.