Why choose Mayo Clinic for Adrenal Treatment

Travis J. McKenzie, M.D., Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery: Here at Mayo, in endocrine and metabolic surgery, we treat the entire spectrum, really, of adrenal disease.

Benzon M. Dy, M.D., Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery: Adrenal can have very complex pathology and can be very difficult to diagnose. It involves multiple biochemical evaluations, different imaging techniques to get accurate diagnoses, as well as needing expert pathologists.

Dr. McKenzie: There's a lot of reasons to come to Mayo Clinic for evaluation of adrenal tumors. So first and foremost is our multi-disciplinary approach. We have a large endocrinology practice that has a high-volume practice. They're experts in evaluation and preparation of adrenal tumors. Then of course, radiologists who are expert in abdominal and endocrine and adrenal radiology. And then finally the surgical team. We have four endocrine surgeons here that are all experts in adrenal surgery, that are very high-volume surgeons. What we're able to do here is really compress itineraries and make things very efficient for patients with regard to the work-up and ultimate treatments, such that most of this can be done in a single trip. Adrenal tumors, they're extraordinarily rare and most endocrinology teams and surgical teams don't deal with adrenal pathology very frequently. And so you really want to seek out an expert team and that's exactly what we can provide here at the Mayo Clinic.

Melanie L. Lyden, M.D., Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery: In terms of adrenal surgery, it's not just taking out the adrenal, it's knowing what the right procedure is. We're able to really individualize it to the patient. We have surgeons that do it laparoscopic, robotically, we do single-site robotic, we do posterior approaches and open procedures. So you can confirm that you have the best surgery to manage your disease that you have.