When your child needs surgery, it can be overwhelming and sometimes scary. At Mayo Clinic Children's Center, our highly skilled surgeons apply years of experience and specialized training to offer individualized care for your child and your family.

We don't just consider a patient a diagnosis. We consider them as a child and a family, and we try to take care of the entirety of that child and family, not just their, their medical problem.

We also are within the greater Mayo Clinic and can draw on those resources to help us heal children and their families.

With pediatric surgery, rare is not rare in the sense that that's our expertise.

The Children's Center at Mayo Clinic is the special place where the patient and their family are the only thing that matters and we're all united in that. The multidisciplinary model of care is something that we approach every patient with and I think is one of the distinguishing things about care here at Mayo.

We have specialized training in not only general surgery, but in additional specific pediatric training. So when you see a surgeon who's specialized in pediatric surgery, you'll have that expertise as well as urology, surgical oncology, pediatric oncology, and access to pediatric anesthesia, for example. And I think we apply that to all of our patients, whether they're zero or 18.

It's our experience, the number of patients we've seen and evaluated, and just continuing to try to provide the best care to these families. And ultimately our goal is to get them back home and getting them back to a happy, healthy life.