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Michael L. Kendrick, M.D., Chair, Department of Surgery: Department of Surgery at Mayo Clinic is at the cutting edge of technology and treatment options. We have a lot of experience with even the most very complex diagnoses and surgical conditions. With that experience will come the ability to perform operations or procedures that are rarely offered other places. The three shields are practice, research, and education.

Erica Loomis, M.D., Vice chair, Practice | Department of Surgery: How do you bring all those three things together? We use our research shield to advance the practice and we use the practice shield to advance education and everything in reverse.

Janani S. Reisenauer, M.D., Vice chair, Innovation | Department of Surgery: Every employee at Mayo Clinic is focused on the integration of three shields into every aspect of what they do for patient care. I would also say that our focus on education ensures that we're providing the best technologies and the best options for patients so that they have the best treatments available.

Todd E. Rasmussen, M.D., Vice chair, Education | Department of Surgery: The patient will quickly identify that he or she's in the center of things that we are all focused about the patient, about the clinical practice and his or her outcome; that we're able to bring in world-class researchers -- scientists to add to their care. It's a combination that is very unique and singular in the healthcare landscape,

Dr. Reisenauer: We implement a multidisciplinary team which involves people with research expertise so that patients are exposed to clinical trials.

Dr. Rasmussen: Our goal within the Department of Surgery is to train the next generation of surgeons for the world.

Dr. Kendrick: We're doing things today that weren't possible a few years ago. And I think that speaks to the mission of Mayo Clinic and the Department of Surgery.

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June 03, 2022