Hello, I'm Dr. Paul Friedman, chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

These last few weeks have been hard for all of us. Whether it's concerns about your health or about your finances or about loved ones, it's been a stressful time.

One of the issues, particularly for people with heart disease, is the fact that with heart disease, there's an increased risk of potential problems with the infection, and it's been harder to see your doctor.

We've taken several steps now to make it easier to get an evaluation for your heart health, whether you're an established Mayo Clinic patient or whether you'd be new to us. If you're worried about your heart health, you can call and arrange for a telephone consultation. Alternatively, using an iPad or a computer, you can have a face-to-face visit with a heart expert to review your heart health.

Alternatively, we have now taken steps to enable face-to-face, in-person visits. Those include enhanced cleaning, enhanced screening — including the COVID test when needed — as well as a policy of universal masking to ensure the safety of everyone on our campus. And if at any time you're having new or worsening chest pain or chest pressure or difficulty breathing, emergency departments have been prepared to see you in this COVID environment and to do so in a safe manner.

If you do like to come here, arrangements can be made by calling ahead of time with specific concierge support for hotel and food arrangements. So, if you have heart concerns, we're here to help. We wish you all the best for you and your family's health and safety. Thank you.