How to save a life donating your blood stem cells

Some cancer patients need blood stem cells to rebuild their immune systems. These cells can usually be collected from your blood. Sometimes, they're drawn from bone marrow donation.

Could you be a match?

Blood type, ethnicity, age and weight matter when it comes to compatibility.

Family is a good place to start

But some patients can't find a match in their family.

Just about anyone can register

Most donors are under age 60; a simple cheek swab DNA test starts the matching process.

Registering is just the first step

You have about a 1 in 40 chance of being contacted for additional testing for a possible match.

Few end up donating

About 1 in 400 will actually match for a donation.

You donate stem cells at a clinic

Your blood goes through a machine that collects stem cells, then returns the blood to your body.

Donating marrow takes same-day surgery

While you're under anesthesia, doctors take liquid marrow from your pelvic bone.

Register to save a life

A relatively small investment of your time could mean a lifetime for someone who needs your help.

Guidance from the physicians, nurses and specialists at the Mayo Clinic Transplant Center.

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Feb. 06, 2024