Amy Degnim, M.D., General Surgery, Mayo Clinic: We are able to achieve really wonderful cosmetic results with this procedure.

Jeff Olson: Breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Amy Degnim says the first phase of this team procedure is nipple-sparing mastectomy, to remove cancerous breast tissue but if possible save all the skin including the nipple and areola.

Dr. Degnim: So that after a reconstruction the result looks as natural as possible.

Jeff Olson: The natural look is furthered during the second phase of the surgery: Pre-pectoral reconstruction.

Valerie Lemaine, M.D., Plastic Surgery, Mayo Clinic: Once we know that clear margins have been obtained, then I'm called into the operating room.

Jeff Olson: Plastic surgeon Dr. Valerie Lemaine says unlike traditional reconstruction with the implant behind the chest muscle, in a pre-pectoral procedure the implant goes in front.

Dr. Lemaine: The main advantage is the implant is positioned where the breast used to be anatomically. Also, when we do surgery without manipulating a muscle, there is definitely less pain.

Dr. Degnim: We want women to know that this is an option for many of them.

Jeff Olson: For the Mayo Clinic News Network, I'm Jeff Olson.