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Narrator: To have the absolute experts in leukemia, and in lymphoma, and in myeloma, and in benign hematology allows us to often accomplish more in a week than many places can accomplish in two to three months.

Asher Chanan-khan, M.D., Hematology/Oncology, Mayo Clinic: When I need help with my patient, I have the world expert right on the other side asking me how they can help.

Narrator: Time is of the essence. Many of our hematological diseases evolve rapidly and need rapid intervention. So being able to harness the expertise of multiple specialists in an efficient and condensed interval of time really allows us to help take the whole patient into account, make the right diagnosis, identify the right treatment, and get it started as quickly as possible.

At Mayo Clinic Hematology, we understand that each blood cancer is unique and that two people with the same diagnosis can actually have very different diseases. We focused a great deal on understanding diseases in the context of every individual person.

Dr. Chanan-Khan: Genomic medicine and targeted therapies have revolutionized what we do today.

Narrator: Cancer patients want the expertise that Mayo Clinic can bring, but they also want humanity in their care. And we've come to appreciate that treating cancer is not about treating a disease. It's about treating a person.

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Dec. 23, 2022