Mayo Clinic's approach

  • Experience. Improperly done, liposuction can result in complications. At Mayo Clinic, liposuction procedures are done only by specialists trained in cosmetic procedures.
  • Advanced technology. People who have cosmetic surgery done at Mayo Clinic have access to the same world-class medical professionals, facilities and technology and the same level of service that is available to every person who seeks care at Mayo Clinic.
  • Personal care. Your Mayo Clinic care team will take time to explain all your options and every aspect of your care, including costs and complications, and to address your questions and concerns.

Expertise and rankings

  • Experience. Mayo Clinic specialists perform liposuction for a variety of reasons, including fat grafting.
  • Expertise. At Mayo Clinic, liposuction procedures are done only by highly qualified doctors. If the need arises, you have access to all of Mayo's experts and facilities.
  • Time for you. Your Mayo Clinic specialist will take the time to discuss options and answer your questions about liposuction.

Costs and insurance

Mayo Clinic works with hundreds of insurance companies and is an in-network provider for millions of people.

In most cases, Mayo Clinic doesn't require a physician referral. Some insurers require referrals, or may have additional requirements for certain medical care. All appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need.

Learn more about appointments at Mayo Clinic.

Please contact your insurance company to verify medical coverage and to obtain any needed authorization prior to your visit. Often, your insurer's customer service number is printed on the back of your insurance card.

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April 23, 2021
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