Frequently asked questions

Who goes to Mayo Clinic?

More than 2,000 Orlando area residents travel to Mayo Clinic each year.

Why do Orlando residents go to Mayo Clinic?

They know of Mayo's best-in-class reputation. They have researched quality ratings. They have heard and read stories about others' experiences. And they know that Mayo can provide diagnosis and treatment all under one roof in a condensed period, saving them time and stress because they don't have to go to a variety of different places over several weeks or months.

Do I need to be seriously ill to seek care at Mayo Clinic?

You don't have to be seriously ill to seek care at Mayo. In fact, patients travel to Mayo Clinic from every state in the U.S. and more than 140 countries around the world for every kind of care — from general exams to diagnosis and treatment of both common and highly complex medical conditions. The more than 3,700 Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists represent virtually all subspecialties of medicine.

How do I get to Mayo Clinic from Orlando?

With three campus locations, Mayo Clinic is easily accessible from Orlando. Mayo appointment staff will work with your travel needs and desired arrival time when scheduling your appointment.

  • Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is located in Rochester, Minn., 80 miles south of Minneapolis. See maps and directions.
  • Mayo Clinic in Arizona is located in the northeast side of Scottsdale, Ariz. See maps and directions.
  • Mayo Clinic in Florida is located near the ocean in Jacksonville, Fla., 30 miles southeast of Jacksonville International Airport. See maps and directions.

Will I need to make a separate trip for each specialist or test?

In many cases, Mayo patients can see multiple specialists during a single visit — a significant benefit of choosing Mayo Clinic. Mayo appointment staff tries to coordinate all your appointments in one visit.

Is Mayo Clinic for everyone?

Although Mayo Clinic sometimes attracts attention for treating well-known people, the truth is that millions of people from all walks of life have been finding answers at Mayo Clinic for more than 100 years. People just like you go to Mayo to be treated for a wide variety of conditions, including prostate cancer, breast cancer and epilepsy, as well as heart conditions and gastrointestinal diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn's.

How does the cost of care at Mayo Clinic compare with that of other providers?

Your out-of-pocket expenses are typically determined by your insurance plan(s). In a recent survey of our patients, most told us that the out-of-pocket expenses for their care at Mayo Clinic were the same as they would have been at other facilities.

Appointment requests/referrals

How long does it take to get an appointment at Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic offers appointments based on the severity and acuity of a patient's condition. Appointment coordinators do their best to build schedules that allow our staff to best meet the needs of patients.

Can I come to Mayo Clinic without an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment before traveling to Mayo Clinic is strongly encouraged. We can't guarantee that you'll be seen if you come without an appointment.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Anyone may request an appointment at Mayo Clinic, and in most cases, a physician's referral is not required. When you call or submit an online appointment request, Mayo appointment staff will advise you if a referral is needed.

Day of appointment

Will I be an inpatient or outpatient while at Mayo Clinic?

Most people (more than 80 percent) are treated as outpatients, meaning that their evaluation, tests and treatments are done in the clinic, and they return home or to lodging at the end of the day. If you require hospital care, you will be admitted to a Mayo Clinic hospital located on each campus. These hospitals are staffed exclusively by Mayo doctors.

How long can I expect to stay to complete my appointments?

The length of your appointment schedule depends on the number of tests and consultations needed to understand your problem. Sometimes, length of stay can't be predicted in advance. Our processes and systems are designed to be highly efficient. Many of our patients tell us they are surprised by how quickly they can move from test to test and appointment to appointment. Mayo appointment staff schedule your appointments in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.

May I bring my children? Is child care offered?

Mayo Clinic does not offer child care for patients, but you are welcome to bring your children. Please bring a responsible person to watch your children during your appointments.

Are family members allowed to come to my appointments?

Relatives and friends are welcome and encouraged to accompany you during your visit. For some exams and diagnostic tests, your family and friends may be asked to remain in the waiting room.

Medical records

Will I need to bring my medical records with me?

Mayo Clinic encourages patients to bring all recent, pertinent medical records, including:

  • Medical summary
  • X-ray films or a CD with X-ray exams
  • Pathology slides and reports
  • List of current medications and dosages

Can you call my doctor's office to get my medical records?

Generally, our patients obtain their medical records from their local providers. If additional records are needed once you are here, Mayo Clinic staff may contact your provider. You will be asked to sign a consent form to release your records.


Will my insurance cover my visit to Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic is an in-network provider for millions of people and works with many insurance companies. Insurance plans vary, and your level of coverage will depend on your specific plan.

Mayo Clinic will submit claims to your insurer. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to verify coverage and obtain any needed authorization prior to your visit. Your insurance company's customer service telephone number is listed on your insurance card.


Do you recommend any accommodations? Are discounts offered to Mayo Clinic patients?

Although Mayo Clinic does not own, operate or endorse any lodging facility, Jacksonville, Fla., offers many choices for lodging. Hotels not connected to Mayo Clinic buildings often offer a shuttle service for patients, and some hotels offer special rates for Mayo patients.


Is Mayo Clinic open on weekends?

Mayo Clinic is open for outpatient consultations and procedures Monday through Friday. Mayo Clinic hospitals are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.