Parastomal hernia (PSH) repair at Mayo Clinic: Helping patients live their life

Feb. 28, 2024


Our interdisciplinary team of experts at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, wants to help people with parastomal hernias so that they not only improve their quality of life — but go live it. A parastomal hernia is a large defect in the abdominal wall. Often, things that shouldn't go in there, do, such as the small intestine. Our team has vast experience seeing these patients and operating on them. Where most institutions do just a handful of robotic parastomal hernia repairs, we've done over 100 in just the last two years. The goal of the repair is not just to fix the hernia, but to fix the whole situation. This is because we treat the whole person. Whatever someone is dealing with, we want to help so that they can improve their quality of life and go live it.

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