Alzheimer's caregiver

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Providing care for someone who has Alzheimer's disease can be physically and emotionally hard. It often takes a great deal of patience, compassion and strength. Whether you've been an Alzheimer's caregiver for years or you're just learning to cope with the disease, don't go it alone. Look to friends, family and community resources for support and guidance.

As you care for your loved one, look for meaningful ways to interact and communicate. Talk with the health care team about how to best keep your loved one safe. Understand that the challenges for people who have Alzheimer's and for their caregivers often change as time goes by. Talk with the health care team to learn how to prepare for the tough situations and choices that may be ahead.

It's important to remember your own needs too. Don't ignore warning signs of caregiver stress and burnout. Take time for yourself, and ask for help.

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Sept. 07, 2023