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At Mayo Clinic, our mission is to provide the best medical care in a compassionate, culturally sensitive environment. Mayo Clinic is dedicated to furthering minority health and wellness efforts and ending health disparities within the communities we serve through education and awareness programs, personalized health care and innovative research.

Mayo Clinic’s societal impact in promoting health equity has reached many lives in several different communities.

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There are many ways Mayo Clinic nurtures strong community partnerships and there are many ways you can be part of this experience. Contact your location for more details.

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Community Advisory Board

The Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine Community Advisory Board includes local community members recruited to help guide the direction and conduct of research.

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Pediatric Advisory Board

The Integrating Special Populations Program supports the Pediatric Advisory Board, a community research advisory group composed entirely of children from the Rochester, Minnesota, area and diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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