Lisa M. Epp, RDN, LD, Home Enteral Nutrition, Mayo Clinic: My name is Lisa and I'm a dietitian at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. If you have a feeding tube, you may be aware that there has been an international redesign of feeding tubes and equipment. This was done for safety reasons to prevent tube feeding formula from being administered into the wrong tube. These tubes are commonly known as ENFit®. Once you get your feeding tube changed, there will be some things that you need to know. First, your syringes will look differently. Instead of inserting your syringe into the tube, you will need to screw the syringe onto the end of your tube. If you feed with the feeding bag, your bag already has removable adapters. You will need to remove the adapter in order to screw the end of the bag onto your tube. Because of the design of the tube, we want you to clean the tube once a day with a multi-use brush. Instructions for the use of the brush will be included in your home tube feeding supplies. Lastly, if you use your tube for venting, you'll need an enteral drainage bag. This screws on to the end of your feeding tube as well. If you have any further questions or need additional supplies for home, please contact your healthcare provider.

Oct. 01, 2022