Description and Brand Names

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US Brand Name

  1. Alora
  2. Cenestin
  3. Climara
  4. Divigel
  5. Elestrin
  6. Emcyt
  7. Enjuvia
  8. Esclim
  9. Estinyl
  10. EstroGel
  11. Evamist
  12. Femtrace
  13. Gynodiol
  14. Menest
  15. Menostar
  16. Minivelle
  17. Ogen 625
  18. Ogen 125
  19. Ogen 25
  20. Premarin
  21. Vivelle
  22. Vivelle-Dot
  23. Estraderm
  24. EstroGel

Canadian Brand Name

  1. Estradot Transdermal
  2. Estradot Transdermal Therapeutic System
  3. Estradot Transdermal Therapeutic System
  4. Oesclim
  5. Rhoxal-Estradiol Derm 50
  6. Rhoxal-Estradiol Derm 75
  7. Roxal-Estradiol Derm 100
  8. Vivelle 100 Mcg
  9. Vivelle 25 Mcg


Estrogens are female hormones. They are produced by the body and are necessary for the normal sexual development of the female and for the regulation of the menstrual cycle during the childbearing years.

The ovaries begin to produce less estrogen after menopause (the change of life). This medicine is prescribed to make up for the lower amount of estrogen. Estrogens help relieve signs of menopause, such as hot flashes and unusual sweating, chills, faintness, or dizziness.

Estrogens are prescribed for several reasons:

  • To provide additional hormone when the body does not produce enough of its own, such as during menopause or when female puberty (development of female sexual organs) does not occur on time. Other conditions include a genital skin condition (vulvar atrophy), inflammation of the vagina (atrophic vaginitis), or ovary problems (female hypogonadism or failure or removal of both ovaries).
  • To help prevent weakening of bones (osteoporosis) in women past menopause.
  • In the treatment of selected cases of breast cancer in men and women.
  • In the treatment of cancer of the prostate in men.

Estrogens may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

There is no medical evidence to support the belief that the use of estrogens will keep the patient feeling young, keep the skin soft, or delay the appearance of wrinkles. Nor has it been proven that the use of estrogens during menopause will relieve emotional and nervous symptoms, unless these symptoms are caused by other menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes or hot flushes.

Estrogens are available only with your doctor's prescription.

This product is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Patch, Extended Release
  • Gel/Jelly
  • Tablet
  • Spray
  • Capsule

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