I take hormone therapy to help with my menopause symptoms. When should I plan follow-up visits to my doctor?

Answer From Shannon K. Laughlin-Tommaso, M.D.

In general, you can follow up with your doctor once a year for a pelvic exam, a mammogram and to reassess your need for ongoing hormone therapy.

But, you may need reevaluation sooner than your next yearly checkup if you experience changes in your health, such as:

  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding
  • Persistent menopausal symptoms
  • A blood-clotting disorder
  • Symptoms of heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease
  • Hormone-dependent breast cancer or another hormone-dependent cancer

Developing any one of these conditions could mean that hormone therapy is no longer recommended for you.


Shannon K. Laughlin-Tommaso, M.D.

July 10, 2020 See more Expert Answers