Preparing for your appointment

See your health care provider if you experience symptoms that may be related to a drug you recently started taking or take regularly. Be prepared to answer the following questions. These details are important in helping to determine the cause of your symptoms.

  • What symptoms did you experience? Don't leave out details even if they seem unrelated.
  • When did the symptoms start? Be as specific as possible.
  • How long did the symptoms last?
  • What new drug have you taken?
  • When did you take it?
  • Have you stopped taking the new drug?
  • What other nonprescription or prescription drugs do you take?
  • What herbal medications, vitamins or other dietary supplements do you take?
  • At what time of day do you take your other medications or supplements?
  • Have you increased the dosage of any regular drug or supplement?
  • Have you stopped taking your regular medications or supplements?
  • Did you take anything to treat your symptoms, and what was the effect?
  • Have you had a reaction to a drug in the past? If so, what drug was it?
  • Do you have hay fever, food allergy or other allergies?
  • Is there a history of drug allergies in your family?

You may want to take pictures of any condition, such as a rash or swelling, to show your provider. These may help if symptoms have subsided by the time of your appointment.

Oct. 26, 2022
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