Referral process

Referring a pilot to Mayo Clinic

Leading-industry companies choose Mayo Clinic for their aviation department's preventive and FAA aeromedical certification needs. Pilots are often responsible for providing transportation for company executives who themselves are using Mayo Clinic for their health care. Shouldn't your flight crew be the healthiest team on board your aircraft?

Our Mayo Clinic ProPilot program offers a comprehensive and preventive approach to health care so you and your flight crew can enjoy a long and healthy career.

What chief pilots and personnel managers need to consider

Running a flight department is challenging, especially when a pilot is facing a medical condition. It can mean extended time off and complications, such as asking more of other staff, hiring temporary help, sending people for more training and ratings, and increasing disability insurance costs. The situation may eventually deplete the morale of the entire flight department.

Having a plan and a partner in MayoClinic ProPilot can help. Our goals are:

  • Reducing the likelihood of your pilots developing medical conditions that would jeopardize their medical certificate
  • Rapidly addressing issues that arise and expediting medical certification

Let the Mayo Clinic ProPilot program serve as your out-of-house medical director — a trusted resource and extension of your flight department.