As a physician, your health and well-being are critical to your quality of life, job performance and effectiveness. The Mayo clinic Physician Health Center offers practicing physicians comprehensive, customized and coordinated access to high-quality healthcare when you need it the most.

For decades, caring for physicians has been part of what we do when providing service to specialized populations. Our goal is to personalize your care with the services you need to deal with an illness or maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when a medical condition may have interrupted your career.

The center is part of the Division of Public Health, Infectious Diseases and Occupational Medicine in Minnesota.

Choosing the Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center

Confidential healthcare

Your medical conditions are addressed in a confidential, safe environment where your professional accomplishments are respected. Let us optimize your medical care so that you can be your best, whether you:

  • Have specific health concerns.
  • Need preventive care.
  • Require evaluations to assess an illness or injury that affects your ability to practice.


The Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center works with you to create a compact and customized appointment itinerary to minimize time away from your practice. The Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center is located at Mayo Clinic's location in Rochester, Minnesota.

Addressing occupational concerns

The Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center offers personalized evaluations for specific conditions that may impact the ability to practice medicine safely. These objective and comprehensive assessments help physicians and their employers make informed decisions regarding scope of practice and workplace accommodations.


The Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center has cared for those who care for others for more than 50 years. Our team of experts focuses on treating physicians while considering the special and unique needs and stressors physicians encounter in medical practice.

It's about you

Taking care of your patients starts with taking care of yourself. We know it's tempting to settle for an informal "curbside consult." But when your health is at stake, you deserve the best nonbiased, expert, state-of-the-art medical care. Remember, you can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself.


  • Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center in Minnesota
  • 200 First St. SW
    Rochester, MN 55905
  • Phone: 507-284-4340
Jan. 27, 2024