Choosing the Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center

  • Confidential evaluations. Your medical conditions will be addressed in a confidential, safe environment where your professional accomplishments are respected. Whether you have specific health concerns, need preventive care, or require evaluations to assess an illness or injury that could jeopardize your career, let Mayo Clinic be your safe haven.
  • Convenience. We'll work with you to create a pre-scheduled, customized appointment itinerary. If you're attending education programs in Rochester, Minnesota, or nearby and need preventive services, call ahead so we can coordinate your care with your plans. We also invite you to play a role in your health care experience by completing an assessment review before your appointment.
  • Occupational assessment for specific conditions. Accidents and illness happen. We offer personalized evaluations for specific conditions that may impact the ability to practice medicine safely. Sometimes the physician may be the last to recognize that a medical condition will affect his or her performance in daily practice. Medical practice administrators or personnel managers have also found this program useful for assessing individuals with potential liability risks to their organizations.
  • Rapid access for catastrophic illness or injury. Mayo Clinic is known for treating patients with serious medical conditions. When a health crisis affects you or a colleague, Mayo experts are there to guide the care. We will rapidly evaluate your request and coordinate the assessment using a multidisciplinary model of care that has been the core of Mayo Clinic quality for more than a century.
  • Experienced, focused care. Your care will be provided by a health care team with credentials and expertise focused on treating physicians. For decades, we have been caring for those who care for others. Our team of experts understands the specialized needs and the unique demands and stresses physicians encounter in medical practice.
  • Service based on our research. We developed the Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center in response to data showing that physicians want access to comprehensive, efficient, coordinated health care. You may appreciate and respect your peers. But it may be in your best interest to seek expert advice outside of the "curbside consult" when addressing your own health care needs. This is especially true when those needs involve a condition that may affect the ability to practice medicine.

Rates of burnout and early retirement of physicians have escalated in the past decade. Many doctors sacrifice their own preventive health needs — such as a healthy diet, regular exercise and routine preventive screening — because of time constraints or a perceived lack of need.

Barriers to physicians getting appropriate health care: Trouble finding time (71%); Don't want to see someone I know (53%); Confidentiality (43%); Can't take time off from work (41%) and; Cost (4%)

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