Mayo Clinic pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation experts provide training to a number of different learners:

  • Patients and their families. Physiatrists and therapists provide education to our patients through verbal and hands-on instruction, as well as abundant patient education materials. Staff members participate in writing numerous patient education materials each year.
  • Residents in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), General Pediatrics and Neurology. Doctors in training for the specialty of PM&R as well as other specialties assist with the care of our patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. They are supervised and trained by Mayo Clinic staff.
  • Fellows in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine. A fellow has completed medical school and a PM&R residency and is learning more about the subspecialty of pediatric rehabilitation. We host one of these two-year trainees at a time.
  • Physical therapy interns. These interns rotate with our therapy staff in the hospital and outpatient settings to learn more about providing therapy care to children and teenagers.
  • Medical school and other students. These students rotate with us to learn about the pediatric rehabilitation field.

Pediatric rehabilitation staff members provide numerous lectures and develop educational materials for use at Mayo Clinic, regionally, nationally and internationally.