Researchers study new treatment options to help people experiencing pain. Pain medicine research

Mayo Clinic physician-scientists study how regenerative medicine therapy may be used to help people with painful conditions.

Research is an integral part of the Mayo Clinic mission. Specialists in pain medicine are often involved in research projects, including clinical and basic science research.

Areas of research include:

  • Stem cell therapy for disk-related back pain
  • Platelet-rich plasma injection for back pain
  • Neurostimulation for pain related to complications of diabetes
  • Use of ultrasound guidance for skull-base injections that ease pain

Clinical trials

Mayo Clinic researchers conduct clinical trials to find new ways to treat pain. You may have the opportunity to participate in such trials, which give you the chance to try experimental treatments. Learn more about current pain medicine clinical trials at Mayo Clinic.

Laboratories that research pain medicine

Center for Regenerative Medicine


See a list of publications about pain medicine topics by Mayo Clinic doctors on PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine.

Research Profiles

Feb. 26, 2020
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