The Medallion Program at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Florida offers easy access to your primary care physician and care team.

Also referred to as concierge care, the Mayo Clinic Medallion Program features highly personalized care delivered in a private office setting. Membership is by annual fee. As a member, you'll also enjoy access to your primary care physician 24/7 for your urgent care needs.


The Medallion Program includes:

  • Annual health assessment and ongoing health management program with immediate and continuous access to your primary care team.
  • Convenient, personalized coordination of appointments via a Medallion designated scheduling team.
  • Ability to make appointments quickly with your Medallion physician, sometimes on a same-day or next-day basis.
  • Dedicated time with your doctor.
  • Access to attend the annual Fall Salon (Arizona only).
  • On-site social worker (Arizona only).
  • Tests and preventive evaluation, scheduling and coordination.
  • Access to information and tools to manage your health.
  • Coordination of preventive care.
  • Private care in a serene, unhurried atmosphere.

What is the fee for the Medallion Program?

Membership in the Mayo Clinic Medallion Program requires an annual fee. This charge is in addition to costs for specific medical services. To review membership costs please call us at 480-426-4980 (Arizona) or 904-956-0006 (Florida).

How will Mayo Clinic provide more immediate access?

The Medallion Program limits the number of patients in the concierge medicine program. This enables each physician to devote ample time during patient visits to focus on their needs. The program allows the physicians to develop a personal relationship with their patients and provide the highest level of care and attention to medical needs.

How can I enroll in the Medallion Program?

Members will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. To inquire about the specifics of enrollment, please contact us.

Will Mayo Clinic bill my fee on a monthly or quarterly basis?

No. The fee must be paid in a lump sum on an annual basis to maintain your membership.

What insurance plans are accepted?

Mayo Clinic in Florida accepts Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS). Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Mayo Clinic in Florida do not accept Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPs) or Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Mayo Clinic will bill your insurance for your medical services. Insurance does not reimburse for the annual membership fee. Please check with your insurance carrier about your coverages and benefits.

When is the fee due?

The initial fee to begin your membership will be collected after you sign the membership agreement, and upon the program extending the invitation to join. It is an annual fee and will be billed to you on the anniversary month of your membership.

What are the credentials of the Medallion Program doctors?

The doctors in the Medallion Program are board certified in internal medicine and consultants in the Department of Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

Will my insurance or health plan pay for the membership fee?

No. Membership fees are your responsibility. If you have a health care reimbursement account, it is possible the fee could be reimbursed by that account. Check with the adviser who manages it.

What about the fees for tests, specialists and hospitalization?

Those charges will be billed to your insurance, either private or Medicare, and will be reimbursed according to your benefits. You will be responsible for any fees your insurance determines to be the patient's responsibility.

Is the annual membership fee tax deductible?

Check with your tax adviser for tax advice.

Will my doctor be available to me while I am traveling or out of town on an extended basis, including my homes in other locations?

Yes. Your doctor will be available to you, no matter where you are. When your doctor is traveling and not available, another doctor from the Medallion Program will be available to you. Doctors let their patients know if they'll be unavailable due to personal travel and what the return date is.

Do I have to pay the membership fee even if I do not use my doctor's services during that year?

Yes. The annual membership fee covers the cost of access to your doctor even if you do not use your doctor's services.

Does the Medallion Program offer expedited access into the subspecialty groups at Mayo Clinic?

No. Your Medallion physicians may refer you to subspecialty departments as needed. However, we do not promise expedited access. All Medallion patients are subject to the subspecialty department wait times and triage processes.

Do I get special treatment when in the Emergency room?

No, the Medallion program does not assist or interfere with your emergency care. Your Medallion physician will assist with care and post-discharge needs following a hospitalization, emergency room visit or urgent care visit.

Does the Medallion Program offer physician visits in my home?

No, this is not a service offered by your Medallion care team. However, as an established patient, Medallion Program has the ability to coordinate virtual care from the comfort of your home.

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