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Patient stories

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    Detecting danger: Dan O'Bryan

    Dan O’Bryan didn’t think his dizziness and lightheadedness were anything to worry about. Nearly 100 miles away, the team at Mayo Clinic that was remotely monitoring Dan’s heart could see the truth. Looking back, Dan O’Bryan now can see the connection between his dizzy spells and episodes of lightheadedness during spring 2021, and the slow heart rate and atrial fibrillation diagnoses that led him to have a pacemaker implanted in his chest. At the time, however, he didn’t realize that his…

  2. Neville-photo-featured.jpg

    Genetics connects family members at the hip

    As family members, Barbara Domaille, Deborah Neville, Pamela Neville, and Rylie Ronnenberg share many things in common that they treasure, and only one they wish they didn’t: a hip abnormality called femoroacetabular impingement. After undergoing genetic testing at Mayo Clinic, the four women learned that their collective hip woes were caused by a hidden genetic connection. And although that knowledge may not change how their condition is managed, it does offer some relief from nagging…

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    Reclaiming his life after lab testing confirmed a serious illness

    Care and support from his wife, Christine, (left) and his daughter, Megan, (right) were crucial for David Voeltz during his journey to a diagnosis of necrotizing autoimmune myopathy. At 71, David Voeltz is a happily married family man who appreciates putting in a hard day’s work and enjoys spending time in the woods. But for David, the ability to walk through nature with his children and grandchildren, and to climb in and out of the dump…


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