For many years Mayo Clinic has offered integrative therapies, promoting activities that have not typically been part of conventional medical care. These therapies are integrated into your treatment plan. The benefits of these approaches are primarily in managing symptoms, for example, helping people with medical conditions to feel better by reducing fatigue, pain and anxiety.

Mayo Clinic Integrative Medicine and Health experts focus on you, your health and your priorities. You will work with people backed by:

  • Experience. Each year Mayo Clinic's integrative medicine experts treat thousands of people with a range of approaches that quiet the mind, soothe the body and restore the spirit.
  • Teamwork. Mayo Clinic's integrative medicine specialists are focused on your needs. They work with you and your other doctors to tailor a treatment plan to you.
  • Research. The evidence-based approaches used by Mayo Clinic's integrative medicine experts have been tested for effectiveness and safety. Mayo Clinic's researchers and practitioners study and improve practices that help people and work well with conventional medical treatments. In addition, at Mayo Clinic, you may have access to research activities and clinical trials.

Integrative Medicine and Health in Arizona

Integrative Medicine and Health in Minnesota