Appointment availability

Even in this time of uncertainty, Mayo Clinic is a place for hope and healing — and we're delivering the care you need.

We welcome both new and existing patients for virtual and in-person care, including elective surgeries, in adherence with federal and state executive orders and guidance.

Please contact us to discuss your appointment options:

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Mayo Clinic is following national and state guidelines regarding the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. We strongly recommend that you receive a COVID-19 vaccine when it's available to you.

Patient and visitor policies

Be sure to review campus-specific guidelines and safety measures as you plan your visit.

Virtual visits

Video and phone visits can be great options for appointments before, after or in place of face-to-face care. Appointment coordinators will recommend a virtual visit if it best fits your individual needs.

Your safety is our top priority

Mayo Clinic's carefully designed, rigorously enforced safety precautions minimize COVID-19 transmission risk. You can focus on getting the answers you seek, knowing that we're committed to keeping you safe.

When you visit, you'll notice:

  • A mandatory mask policy for all patients, visitors and staff
  • Strict limits to the number of people on campus
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  • Carefully monitored entrance points
  • Screening of all patients for symptoms and possible COVID-19 exposure before entering our buildings
  • Waiting areas arranged for social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning of exam rooms and equipment after each patient
  • Frequent deep cleaning of other clinic spaces

Face mask policy

Please bring your own face mask or cloth covering

Mayo Clinic requires all patients, visitors and staff to wear a face covering or mask while on our campuses to guard against COVID-19 transmission.

CDC face mask recommendations
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Visiting Mayo Clinic? Be sure to bring your mask

Mask on. Mask up. Mask always.

At Mayo Clinic, safety for everybody is our highest priority. We are a world leader focused on putting the needs of our patients first.

To do this during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may see staff outside caring for patients, but we also need your help inside, to keep us all safe.

For your own safety and the safety of those around you, including your care team, all patients are expected to wear a mask over their nose and mouth while on Mayo Clinic property.

Check to see if visitors are allowed. If they are, they will be expected to follow mask guidelines as well.

Everybody will be required to proceed through a checkpoint for the safety of our community.

Masks must remain on at all times including in the lobby, and when in the exam room, unless otherwise directed by an approved provider.

If you have questions about wearing a mask for your visit, contact your Mayo Clinic location before arriving on-site.

Traveling to a Mayo Clinic location for care

Traveling for medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging. We’ve compiled advice on safe travel and lodging to help you make the best choices for your needs. Mayo Clinic is also working with local businesses that serve patients and caregivers, such as hotels and restaurants. Together, we’re creating safe communities for people who need to travel for care.

Patients arriving from outside the United States should review a new testing requirement put in place by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Jan. 26, 2021.

What to expect

Before you arrive on campus, you’ll get specifics on how to prepare for your particular appointment. Here are some tips for all patients and visitors at all campuses:

  • Bring a mask to wear when on campus. (We recommend wearing a mask anytime you're away from home.)
  • Follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Leave children under age 13 in the care of someone else at home unless they are receiving care at the clinic. Note that Rochester hospitals have implemented additional policies regarding visitors under age 18.

When you arrive

Mayo Clinic staff will welcome you at your designated entrance. They’ll guide you through our door screening process, including COVID-19 screening questions.

If your door screening goes smoothly, you’ll be reminded of important clinic safety guidelines, including use of masks, social distancing and visitor policies. Then, you can head to the floor for your appointment. If any symptoms or questions come up during your door screening, you’ll meet with a nurse right away for additional screening and testing for COVID if needed. Mayo Clinic has designated separate waiting areas for visitors with possible COVID-19 exposure.

During your appointment

You’ll get the comprehensive, thoughtful evaluation you need from your Mayo Clinic visit. At the same time, you can feel confident in extra steps to protect your well-being:

  • You and your care team will stay masked
  • Consultation and exam rooms are arranged for social distancing
  • Any additional tests or procedures your provider orders will be typically accommodated during your visit. Some may require additional COVID-19 testing at your Mayo location, to ensure safety.

Appointment and information by location

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