Get Started

Steps to get started

Developing a strategic response to complex care can lead to significant value. Here's how to get started:

Reach out to the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program team

Learn more by e-mailing The Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program team can work with you to develop a custom offering based on the needs of your population. Please include the following information in your e-mail request so that we can provide you with the best information.

  • Organization name and type (e.g., self-insured employer, carrier, TPA, case management)
  • Number of covered lives
  • Specific interest areas (e.g. diagnostic odyssey, cancer, spine, transplant)

You can also reach the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program team by phone at 507-266-5290.

Share Carrier and Vendor Relationships

Evaluate carrier, TPA, concierge/ navigators, EMOs, case management teams, etc. to help identify the best source for identification and referrals into the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program.

Consider Plan Design Changes

Work with Mayo Clinic to design a benefits plan that removes barriers to quality care by covering out-of-pocket expenses (deductible, copay and coinsurance, when possible) and travel and lodging expenses for the patient and a caregiver. Mayo Clinic can provide sample plan language for consideration.

Create Awareness

Mayo Clinic can assist in training referral sources on identification and referral processes and offering marketing resources to make employees aware that they have an enhanced benefit for complex health conditions.