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Lilly H. Wagner, M.D.

  1. Ophthalmologist
  2. Surgeon



  1. Rochester, Minnesota



Lilly H. Wagner, M.D., is a board certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon with ASOPRS accredited fellowship training in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, orbit and lacrimal system. Using her detailed knowledge of the connection between eyelid anatomy and eye health, she works closely with patients to understand their individual concerns and goals. Some of the most common conditions that Dr. Wagner evaluates and treats are:

  • Skin cancer of the eyelids requiring reconstruction after excision with Mohs surgery
  • Droopy eyelids or brows that affect vision or cause undesirable cosmetic appearance
  • Excess watering or infections that are caused by blockage of the tear drain system

Dr. Wagner is passionate about establishing multidisciplinary care models. Through collaboration with colleagues in plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology and endocrinology, she offers customized treatment approaches for patients with complex and advanced conditions affecting the ocular adnexa, skull base and midface. The cases that Dr. Wagner manages together with consultants from other specialties include:

  • Thyroid eye disease (TED) in the dedicated TED clinic
  • Tumors of the sinus cavities or skull base with extension into the orbit
  • Facial skin cancers with extension onto the eyelids
  • Revision of prior surgery for facial trauma or cosmetic facial and eyelid surgery
  1. Bags under eyes
  2. Blepharospasm
  3. Dermatochalasis
  4. Ectropion
  5. Entropion
  6. Epiphora
  7. Eye injury
  8. Eyelid ptosis
  9. Facial paralysis
  10. Orbital cellulitis
  11. Orbital fracture
  12. Skin cancer
  13. Thyroid eye disease
  14. Trichiasis
  15. Tumors and masses
  1. Blepharoplasty
  2. Botox injection
  3. Brow lift
  4. Dacryocystorhinostomy
  5. Ectropion repair
  6. Endoscopic procedure
  7. Entropion repair
  8. Eyelid retraction repair
  9. Gold weight eyelid implantation
  10. Orbital decompression surgery
  11. Orbital fracture repair
  12. Orbital tumor removal
  13. Skin cancer reconstruction
  14. Skin graft surgery
  • Eyelid reconstruction after skin cancer excision
  • Trauma of the eyelids and eye socket
  • Repair of involutional eyelid malpositions such as ptosis, ectropion, entropion
  • Asian blepharoplasty
  • Congenital ptosis, Blepharophimosis and other congenital eyelid malformations
  • Orbital tumors
  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the eyelids and orbit
  • Thyroid Eye Disease (Graves' Ophthalmopathy)
  • Hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm
  • Tear drainage problems in children and adults
  1. 2018
    Fellow - Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryUniversity of California at San Francisco (UCSF)
  2. 2018
    Fellowship - American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) Pacific Center for Oculofacial and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  3. 2016
    Resident - Ophthalmology Mount Sinai School of Medicine / Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
  4. 2012
    InternshipYale New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphael Campus
  5. 2010
    MDOtto-von-Guericke University Medical School
  6. 2008
    Research FellowshipDepartment of Molecular Pathology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


  1. 2018
    OphthalmologyAmerican Board of Ophthalmology

Awards and honors

  1. 2020
    2020 Provider Recognition Award for outstanding patient satisfaction[Rochester]

Professional memberships

  1. 2023 - present
    Chair, Program CommitteeOphthalmology Update
  2. 2021 - present
    Chair of Communication CommitteeDepartment of Ophthalmology
  3. 2018 - present
    MemberOphthalmology Clinical Practice Committee, Mayo Clinic Rochester Committees
  4. 2018 - present
    MemberMinnesota Academy of Ophthalmology
  5. 2018 - present
    AssociateAmerican Board of Ophthalmology
  6. 2018 - present
    MemberWomen in Ophthalmology
  7. 2016 - present
    FellowAmerican Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  8. 2013 - present
    MemberAmerican Academy of Ophthalmology