Jan Stepanek, M.D.

  1. Aerospace Medicine Specialist
  2. Internist
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My name is Jan Stepanek. I'm the current chair of the Division of Preventive Occupational and Aerospace Medicine.

My role at Mayo Clinic is to function as a physician in the Executive Health Program. I've always had an interest in high altitude related disorders since I was in the Swiss military. And when I had the opportunity to find out that there was actually a specialty in this country that allows for further study in that field, I would really rather say that the field found me, than me finding the field.

Growing up, my father was an internist. And, as such, I got the opportunity to be with him on house calls. My father used to tell me over and over, if you listen long enough to your patients, they will tell you the key cues for a diagnosis. Not just ordering tests, but rather, trying to find out what it is that a disease or condition means to the individual, what their true concerns are, and sometimes that may lead us into discussions that are not at first blush medical. Getting that information, getting the inside story from the patient is my desire and goal.

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  1. Altitude sickness
  • Aerospace medicine
  • Aerospace physiology
  • Executive health
  • Senior aviation medical examiner (FAA)
  • Civilian spaceflight
  • Mountain sickness
  • Senior examiner (JAA)
  1. 2002
    MPHGraduate School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch
  2. 2002
    Resident - Aerospace Medicine, UTMB/NASAUniversity of Texas Medical Branch
  3. 1998
    Resident - Chief Medical ResidentDepartment of Internal Medicine, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  4. 1997
    ResidentDepartment of Internal Medicine
  5. 1994
    Resident - Department of PathologyUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  6. 1992
    MDFaculty of Medicine, Universitat Basel


  1. 2003
    Aerospace MedicineAmerican Board of Preventive Medicine
  2. 1997
    Internal MedicineAmerican Board of Internal Medicine


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