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Ingrid J. Pritchard, M.D., M.S.

  1. Internist


  1. Maniaci MJ, Torres-Guzman RA, Avila FR, Maita K, Garcia JP, Forte AJ, Rutledge R, Dugani SB, Campbell SM, Pritchard IJ, Paulson MR. Development and evaluation of best practice advisory alert for patient eligibility in a hospital-at-home program: A multicenter retrospective study. J Hosp Med. 2024 Mar; 19 (3):165-174 Epub 2024 Jan 19
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  2. Yin M, McManus M, Dawson N, Tolaymat L, Prier CC, Tan W, Pritchard I, Hill E, Haga C, Hedges MS. Virtual Academic Asynchronous Mentoring (VAAM) for Faculty Physicians: An Innovative Mentorship. Cureus. 2023 Dec; 15 (12):e51289 Epub 2023 Dec 29
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