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Gregory S. Peterson, M.D.

Specialty Groups


  1. Rochester, Minnesota



Gregory S. Peterson, M.D. is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, with a special interest in the spine. His clinical focus includes:

  • Evaluation of patients with a broad range of spinal conditions, ranging for simple to complex.
  • Promoting each patient's understanding of their spine problem and empowering patients to become partners in managing their care.
  • Discerning each patient's unique expectations of living with spine disease and collaborating with patients to resolve issues and achieve balance
  • Assisting patients in considering the strengths and weakness of different treatment approaches to their particular spine problem.
  • Development of teamwork and processes to better serve Mayo Clinic's patients.

From 1987 to 1996, Dr. Peterson worked at Mayo Clinic. During that time, he held the leadership positions of Medical Director of Outpatient Rehabilitation Services and Medical Director of Mayo Clinic Spine Center. In 2017,after 21 years of clinical and administrative practice in his hometown of Bismarck, ND, he returned to Mayo Clinic to continue his passion of providing care to patients with spine problems.

  1. 1986
    Fellow - Fellow in Physical Medicine and RehabilitationMayo Graduate School of Medicine
  2. 1983
    Fellow - Fellow in Internal MedicineMayo Graduate School of Medicine
  3. 1982
    Fellowship - NIH funded fellowship for study of application of analysis to medical practice.Tufts New England Medical Center
  4. 1981
    Doctorate of MedicineTufts University School of Medicine
  5. 1979
    Bachelor - Bachelor of Science in MedicineUniversity of North Dakota
  6. 1977
    Bachelor - Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Summa cum laudeUniversity of North Dakota


  1. 2003
    Pain MedicineAmerican Board of Pain Medicine
  2. 2000
    Electrodiagnostic MedicineAmerican Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  3. 1987
    Physical Medicine & RehabilitationAmerican Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Professional memberships

  1. 2005 - 2007
    MemberAmerican Academy of Electrodiagnostic and Neuromuscular Medicine
  2. 1993 - present
    MemberAmerican Pain Society
  3. 1993 - present
    MemberNorth American Spine Society
  4. 1993 - present
    MemberAmerican Academy of Pain Medicine
  5. 1993 - present
    MemberAmerican Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  6. 1993 - present
    MemberNational Association of Spine Specialists