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Kristina F. DeMatas, D.O.

  1. Family Physician
  2. Sports Medicine Specialist


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  2. Marberry SM, Filmalter SE, Pujalte GGA, Presley JC, DeMatas KF, Montero DP, Israni K, Ball CT, Maynard JR. Self-reported foot strike patterns and sonographic evidence of Achilles tendinopathy in asymptomatic marathon runners. J Sports Sci. 2022 Jun; 40 (12):1308-1314 Epub 2022 May 31
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  3. Pelkowski JN, DeMatas K, McCoy RC, Ortiguera CJ. Seeing Double: A Case of ACL Tears in Monozygotic Twin Female Athletes Within 48 Hours. Cureus. 2020 Mar 11; 12 (3):e7244
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