Kristina F. DeMatas, D.O.

  1. Family Physician
  2. Sports Medicine Specialist


  1. Marberry SM, Filmalter SE, Pujalte GGA, Presley JC, DeMatas KF, Montero DP, Israni K, Ball CT, Maynard JR. Self-reported foot strike patterns and sonographic evidence of Achilles tendinopathy in asymptomatic marathon runners. J Sports Sci. 2022 May 31; 1-7 [Epub ahead of print]
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  2. Pelkowski JN, DeMatas K, McCoy RC, Ortiguera CJ. Seeing Double: A Case of ACL Tears in Monozygotic Twin Female Athletes Within 48 Hours. Cureus. 2020 Mar 11; 12 (3):e7244
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