Mayo Clinic students in the simulation center

Our Students

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine fosters diversity and inclusion among students, trainees and staff through its Office for Diversity. These opportunities and initiatives target underrepresented minorities to encourage careers in health care.

Programs include:

  • Imaging Careers and Networking (ICAN) Program. Established in 2012, the ICAN program provides opportunities for high school students to explore imaging health careers and, in time, apply to one of Mayo Clinic's imaging training programs.
  • Mayo Physicians of Tomorrow. To address the number of underrepresented individuals progressing into medicine, Mayo Physicians of Tomorrow provides strategies for college students to distinguish themselves as competitive medical school applicants.
  • Mayo Institutional Short-Term Research Training for Students of Diversity. The goal of this summer research program is to provide research opportunities for undergraduates (summer undergraduate research fellows) and medical students (summer research fellows) from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds or who are disabled.
  • Visiting Medical Student Clerkships. Visiting Medical Student Clerkships provides fourth-year medical students with opportunities for elective clinical rotations that augment their medical education through direct patient care experiences. The program serves as a pipeline for Mayo's residency and fellowship positions. Scholarships are provided to encourage participation of underrepresented minority students.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP). PREP helps to diversify the biomedical research work force by preparing students for matriculation in graduate programs in biomedical research.
  • Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD). The IMSD program seeks highly competitive students and develops their potential to be future national leaders in biomedical research and education.

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