Destination Medical Center (DMC)

Securing the future of Minnesota's global health care economy

Destination Medical Center (DMC) is an innovative economic development initiative to secure Mayo Clinic's and Minnesota's status as a global medical destination. DMC is the culmination of a three-year study by Mayo Clinic to chart its future business strategy in an increasingly competitive global business environment.

"Ten years from now, there will emerge just a few medical centers with the reputation for health care excellence and patient-focused outcomes that will attract patients from all over the world," says John H. Noseworthy, M.D., president and CEO of Mayo Clinic. "Mayo Clinic intends to be one of them.

"We plan not only to protect our current status as the world's premier medical institution," says Dr. Noseworthy, "but to expand our highly effective practice model and medical assets to be recognized as a global destination medical center for decades to come."

DMC objectives


DMC is an unprecedented partnership between the state, local jurisdictions, Mayo Clinic and community organizations. It has these objectives:

  • Secure Mayo Clinic, Rochester and Minnesota's status as a global destination for health care
  • Leverage Mayo Clinic's economic impact to increase jobs, tax base, and business and economic growth throughout the state of Minnesota
  • Create the optimal experience for patients, visitors and community residents

Mayo Clinic: Critical part of Minnesota's economy

  • Employs 40,600 Minnesotans; 33,400 employed in Rochester
  • $9.8 billion economic impact with $1.5 billion annual tax revenue — 4 percent of Minnesota's GDP

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