Patient Online Services offers a convenient option for scheduling many appointments at Mayo Clinic. You can do this from your computer or on the Mayo Clinic app at any time.

To begin, log in to your Patient Online Services account. To do this, go to Mayo and select "log in to Patient Account." Then select the log in button. Type in your username and password on this screen. You're now on the homepage of Patient Online Services. Select Appointments & Admissions. Once you're on that page, select the New Appointment's tab. Sometimes your provider will have ordered an appointment. You'll see these in the section labeled "Appointments you need to schedule." Below that is the "Tell us why you're coming" section. Here you'll find a appointments that haven't been ordered, but you can schedule as needed. Different patients will see different appointment types here, based on where they live and their care needs. You'll still see the familiar "Appointment request" option. You can use this to request an appointment when you don't see the type of appointment you want to schedule.

If you're using the Mayo Clinic app, once you've logged in, you'll need to tap "Request Appointment," Then "Request Appointment Now" to get to the Schedule Appointment page You'll see the same list of appointments, the appointments your provider has ordered, and the appointments that you can schedule but haven't been ordered.

Whether on the app or the web, when you need to schedule an ordered appointment, start by selecting "Schedule now" in the appointment box. When you need to schedule other appointments, select the box with the appointment type name.

Let's schedule a primary care appointment that hasn't been ordered. Select "Primary Care" and answer any questions that may appear. These questions will be different for each type of appointment you're scheduling. For primary care, you'll need to select a reason for your appointment. After you select the type of appointment, you may be given an option to schedule either a video appointment or an in-person appointment. If you're scheduling an appointment that will require a hands-on exam, you should schedule an in-person appointment. If you're unsure, contact your care team to determine which type of appointment you need.

When selecting "Video Appointment," you'll be reminded that there are important instructions on your Patient Appointment Guide that will help you prepare for that appointment. Select "I understand" and then select "Continue" to go to the page where you can choose your time. You'll see that you can also select "Add providers team" so that you can be seen by other people in your care team. This may offer you more times to schedule the appointment. Select a provider and time, and on the next page, review this information. If the information is incorrect, select "Start over" to begin the scheduling process again. If everything is okay, you'll need to provide information about your appointment in the box on the right. Then select "Schedule Now." This is a very important step that ensures that your appointment is properly schedule.

On the next page, you'll see the check mark in the green circle and the words "Appointment Scheduled" indicating you've completed scheduling your appointment. You'll also see that you might need to complete a few actions before your appointment. Pre-check in, which becomes available seven days before your appointment, and for this appointment, you should also test your camera and microphone devices. You'll follow the same process for scheduling an in-person appointment. And remember, each appointment type will ask you specific questions about that appointment.

Once you've scheduled your appointment, select the Appointments & Admissions tab. Your newly scheduled appointment is now listed on this page. You should also be able to see the appointment in your Patient Appointment Guide. Remember to read this document, as you'll find specific information about your appointment, whether a video or an in-person appointment. To see details about your appointment, including any instructions, select the words, "View Details and Instructions" by your appointment. You're now on the Appointment Details page.

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment from this page. To reschedule, select "Reschedule Appointment," and choose a new date and time. You're provider choice will remain the same as for the original appointment. On this page, review the information concerning date and time, and then select a reason for rescheduling the appointment. Make sure you select the blue "Schedule Now" button to complete the appointment scheduling. You can also choose to cancel your appointment. On the Appointment Details page, select "Cancel Appointment." On the Cancel Appointment page, select your reason for canceling the appointment. Then select "Confirm Cancellation." You'll see the cancellation confirmed message indicating your appointment has been canceled. You can come back another time to reschedule this appointment by selecting "New Appointment" once you've logged in to Patient Online Services.

Mayo Clinic will continue to add more online scheduling options. Thank you for using Patient Online Services to schedule appointments and stay connected to your care team.