Safe lodging checklist: Start by asking 5 questions

Booking a place to stay today should include checking safety measures. Mayo Clinic Patient Travel Services is a great option for most travelers. After business hours, turn to this checklist, which reflects the vetting Patient Travel Services completes before recommending a hotel property to patients.

  1. What are your booking and cancellation policies?
    • Is there an option to ask for a previously vacant room (48 to 72 hours)?
    • How long are rooms vacant between guest stays?
    • What's your cancellation policy for health reasons?
  2. Are social distancing measures (spacing) visibly apparent and verbally reinforced?
    • In the lobby?
    • At the front desk?
    • In parking areas?
  3. What safe food and beverage options do you offer?
    • Are there prepackaged foods and grab-and-go items?
    • Has traditional room service been replaced with a no-contact delivery method?
    • What precautions have been added to traditional buffet service? Does staff wear personal protective equipment (PPE) during service?
  4. Can you tell me about your enhanced cleaning policies?
    • Are surfaces in public and communal areas cleaned multiple times a day?
    • Are elevators cleaned at regular intervals throughout day?
    • How are food preparation and laundry areas cleaned?
  5. What's your masking policy? Are masks required or suggested?
    • For guests?
    • For staff?

Optional, more-rigorous questions

Mayo Clinic Patient Travel Services staff also confirms that lodging properties adhere to the following safety measures before recommending them to you.

Do your employees receive safety training?

  • Hand-washing procedures?
  • Facility sanitation protocols?
  • Use of PPE?

Do you offer safety and sanitation training from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for staff with frequent guest contact?

  • Housekeeping?
  • Food and beverage?
  • Public area department?
  • Hotel operations?
  • Security?
  • Valet, door and bell services?
  • Maintenance and engineering?

Do you notify local health officials when you encounter the following health issues?

  • Guest health concerns?
  • Employee health concerns?
  • Any confirmed cases of COVID-19?

Do you follow recommended safety protocols when you encounter a confirmed case of COVID-19?

  • Closing affected guest rooms?
  • Disinfecting affected guest rooms?
  • Room recovery protocol (quarantine)?